Apr 13, 2011


I will say goodbye
A painful thought

out of  logic talks,
I decided to walk

I can be crushed
by my awareness
of  a deep
sense of afraidness

I leave behind
of something
rare and new,
essential for you

attraction of minds
is difficult to find,
a kind of friendship
not easy to understand

I will see you
in the shadow,
while struggling
with emotions

you keep a
avoiding disturbance
you are living
under surveillance


Women in brown trousers

She was walking
through life

in brown trousers

her face
had no expressions,
blue eyes
got grey,
her skin was pale

hidden behind
a veil

fantasies lost
in realities

not dead,
but alive,
sensitive to others

as sand in Bengal sun,
under her brown trousers


The beauty of soul
is seen
through crystal,
its colours,
change in the
light of life,
has its
roots in
a big heart,
making thoughts
of the good,
its seeds
find its footsteps
in to the
unknown future

Bridges of Madison County
One can not really
in ordinary words,
unique as it is,
strong and scary

an untold story
of inner personalities
and humanity,
sensible feelings,
hidden behind
a mask
of normality

doors wide open
images made
of golden threads,
never seen before

poems easily born

an awakening time,
a depth to far to reach,
walking with loneliness,
to find daily routines,
for overwhelming experience,
Bridges of Madison County

Circle of living life

Sweet dreams,
my lips,
rich of colours,
flourish like a flower,
smiles softly,
red and warm

my wrinkles,
not two,
but perhaps
they are
shining paths
on my skin

mirror says it:
My breasts
does not blossoms,
they are rather thin,
but still,
they are my very own
A joy!

what has happen
with my waist?

before I was slim
and feisty,
but life is good,
cream and sugar
happy moments
a glass of wine or two

fruits of passions
feels dry,
sour and rough,
what to do?

one feel shy and shaky,
let it happen carefully

do not touch
my legs,
they are not
my best,
but dance I will
and dance I do

I am alive
and so are you


Kiss me beyond realities
Fingertips touch them,
as they get swollen,

Silent hunger,
at an empty table,

warmth spread
in a body,
used to freeze

dreams flows,
while you
reach an universe,
of stormy feelings
and a very different
kind of sounds

clothes are falling,
on a white floor,
your hands
are not alone,
you smell
the skin
of a stranger

you move your leg,
you dance,
but not your eyes,
they search
in the room
and find
those lips
which kiss you
beyond realities


Have I ever seen you before


one sense
a strength

with words
words again
of a certain

and dark eyes,
a hiding place
of beautiful lies

the past
has revisited
me at last

a question
to  ask:

are you
a reflection
of what
I left behind

decades ago
I see
it clear:
A change,
of direction
a new route

now and then,
always a chain,

still sane,

but not
for you to say,
if I really met
you yesterday

Mar 21, 2011

Keep Sanity In The Circle Of Tragedies

These days tragedies impossible to take in, emerge in newspaper and TV channels. The impact of the terrible disaster in Japan is difficult to understand, and I would imagine many people close their eyes and turn to other pages or channels.

I do it myself, very often, as all the events, catastrophes and crises is disturbing. To think of all those Japanese people who are affected, is in fact heartbreaking.  I think it is natural as well, and rather sane, to focus on the brighter side of life as we all need a kind of mental nutrition and encouragement. We need hope.

Of course we could just leave all these negative realities and drift into selfishness. But this is not the case. Many people have great sympathy for the Japanese people and many are thinking in a broader perspective and get worried about the global impact on this catastrophe of such huge dimension. Although oceans, mountains and border lines keep us apart, we all belong to a chain.

The international economy could be affected The environmental impact is of great importance. There are many cards on the table. Only a few are known so far. This will be a topic for a long period, but the events in Japan will fade as soon as a new tragedy turns up.

This is the face of journalism. Broadcasters and reporters are running after the news, wherever is it possible to find it. These days we get every events live in both net version, net-TV in newspapers and of course traditional television. Mass communication is finally a correct word, in every possible sense and meaning. For instance, through mobile phones, news are sent around the world, as events take place, and this is something of a sensation which new generation take for granted, but as I have been living for a certain time, I am amazed by the speed of news these days. Still, we have become consumers of news and information and I am not sure if we really let it sink in, or if it just fill a new gap, our need of impressions.

Could we make a diagnose: Information and communication stress?

Why not turn it all off? Stay silent. Enjoy peaceful moments in daily life. Get into your own soul. Be mature through your knowledge of your own inner universe, which is a journey of imagination. Perhaps this is the best recipe to keep sane.

But of course the world outside fascinate: I am sure Japan will be able to rebuild and move forward. Japanese people are hard working and disciplined. They have this ability in the fabric of society and “cultural infrastructure”. Perhaps Japan will be able to modernise and reform its society as well.

In the shadow of the Japanese disaster, the development in Libya has continued. Libyans are bombed and killed by their own leaders, which is a crime against humanity. Still, world leaders are discussing what to do. This is difficult to understand for ordinary people. What will happen if Gaddafi survives this crises? Both personal and state assets are frozen. He will be a liability and only welcome in countries like Venezuela, Zimbabwe or North Korea. Will Gaddafi and the international community return to point zero, where Gaddafi has been before? Will he ever be able to return to his previous position? It will be interesting to see the further development. Libya will indeed be on the map of world news for a while as well.

The struggle for reforms is not finished in Bahrain, yet. Although emergency law is used by the regime, the Shia majority is angry. And anger is a particular energy. One does not give up easily. In the end, the monarchy of Bahrain could fall. These days the ruling family and their institutions are under the protection of Saudi soldiers. Tomorrow is an other day, as those who put the weapon against its people will one day face the same destiny. This is a law of the nature. The situation is tense in Yemen. A change could come fast or the crises could last for some more time.

Still, as we live in the circle of tragedies and crises, we can only watch and wait. The need of normality is very human. We search for order and stability. We need to laugh, and therefore, to feel joy, you keep sane as events unfold.

Mar 8, 2011

Monarchs On Shaky Thrones

Next year Egypt will celebrate its 60 years as republic. The last king ,Farouk, was famous for many things, but these days I think of one statements the king made while living his last years in a restless exile:

“One day there will only five kings in the world – the one in England and those four in the pack of cards”

I came to think of Farouk while I read about the demonstrations and revolutionary slogans which spread like a wildfire in the Arab world, where you still find many feudal and more or less old fashioned monarchies. 

Many of these kings, sultans and emirs face great challenges. Although not so many cries out for republics, but demand constitutional monarchies, based on free and fair election and a government based on a parliamentarian system, the atmosphere and opinion could change very fast as the map of politics seems to get into new phases almost every week.

At present rulers in countries like Jordan, Oman, Morocco and Saudi Arabia are able to handle the situation, but they are indeed vulnerable as some of them seem to forget that generous economic package is not part of the deal or answer of the problem. People are asking for democratic reforms and structural changes, which will of course reduce the power of the ruling families.

Democratic constitutions will in any case not be as those you  find in the West as the society is build up in a different way, but constitutional monarchies are very much based on the same principles: Out of politics and only ceremonial. And more transparent of course.

Such a change could be very difficult for many Arab leaders as they seem to have been able to dip not only a finger, but their entire hand in the state coffers and thus enriched  themselves and stashed away a great amounts of money.  In a feudal society, the link between rulers and business is much more closer and it use to happen out of sight of the ordinary people. In some of the countries we can witness a big gap between the rulers and those who are ruled.

For instance, in Tunisia, business was based on link with the presidential family. We do not know the dimension of this enrichment in other countries, but it can be huge and it can be devastating for monarchies in the region if it all became public.

So far, demands of the people in many of the Arab countries have been met with few changes and short of reforms which goes deeper in the structure of the society. Therefore monarchs like those in Jordan and Morocco or the Sultan in Oman could face a much more dangerous situation tomorrow. As changes sweeps the region, old systems has to go through transitions or fall. The destiny of many monarchs is therefore very unsecure and some of them sit on shaky thrones.

On other important aspect: The trade, like arms, with USA, Britain, France and other countries has great impact and is part of the co-operation between Arab countries and Western countries.  Transparency in this field could also have many consequences, but a fall of monarchies could have a great impact on arm trade, which is a powerful and important industry in man countries.

European monarchies has fallen and been sent in exile through the past. Very few has been able to return to the throne. Spain is the only success story.

Do not think that European monarchies are untouchable.

Today, they are a kind of first family, not full blooded royalties as before and they are part of the glossy magazine life, still busy with some humanitarian work and doing charity-  and they enjoy inherited privileges which is actually not in tune with other trends in the society. 

Absurdity and paradoxes is part of the life: One day royalties buys clothes for a big amount of money and the next day they talk about poverty. 

Some tries to find a meaningful role in using their position to focus on topics and issues of social importance, some takes a little step into the political sphere in the efforts to play are role, but ceremonial they are and should be. 

Transparency:  Except Sweden, where the royal fortune is under taxation, other European royal families have a secret or two about their fortunes. Some are very rich, but details are not known.  This is family business behind the veil, in a modern world like our own.

Who really cares?
I will return to Farouk. Nothing is as sad as a monarch without a throne, and nothing is as sad as the fact that ignorance and lack of understanding of realities often is the reason why monarchies end up in the museum.