Foreign Visits

 Visiting Taj Mahal in Agra
 With a friend in an ancient car in Lucknow

With train:
Historic Journey in Portugal
Visiting all the smallest states in Europe
Visiting all the heads of European Royal houses who lost the throne after first and second world war
Journey in Europe, focus mainly on architecture.
By flights:
Visiting the Nawab of Rampur in India as well as other heads of princely houses in India
Visiting the prime minister of Kuwait

Some Years Ago:
Visiting Burkina Faso,
Including meeting a former president of the republic,
as well as the last emperor of Africa, Moro Naba,
and a king in the North of Burkina

Visiting Seychelles
Meeting with the then president France Albert Rene,
as well as meeting members of government and the catholic bishop of the island

Women in Focus
A Journey of Women History 
Meeting many of the most important women in politics in modern Europe, and who was the first to make headlines in high positions in politics - Simone Veil, France, Nilde Iotti, Italy, Stella, Solioti, Cyprus, Maria Lourdes de Pintasilgo, Portugal, Ritt Bjerregard and Denmark